Songs that Stimulate Our Thoughts and Tap Our Emotions Live Forever in Our Memories

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Our Music

Math Songs

Energize your math lessons with our great collection of math songs for grades PreK to 5. Essential skills and concepts are effortlessly learned with the power of rhyme, rhythm and song.

Reading & Language Arts Songs

Learning the alphabet, rhyming, short vowels, phonemic awareness, essential sounds and the parts of speech is so much fun when language arts is set to toe tapping tunes that keep kids engaged. 

Science Songs

Looking for songs about the human body, geology, geography, weather or creepy crawly things? You have come to the right place!

Themes & Concepts Songs

A little of everything! Songs about transportation, holidays, social studies, and even a musical workout for kids of all ages. Wiggles and giggles galore!

Single Songs With Lyrics

Individual skill and concept songs across the curriculum that support and enrich lesson planning. Also included are special tunes for school events and performances.

Early Childhood Songs

Lively little tunes written specifically for very young learners. Phonemic awareness, math concepts, following directions, community helpers, self-esteem and lots of giggles are all right here. Come join the fun with a most delightful way to listen, learn and grow.

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