Ron Brown, Teacher/Songwriter/Educational Consultant


Ron Brown is the author of more than four hundred songs for teachers and children. His music has been published nationally and internationally since 1990. His products have included: Teachin' Tunes, StorySongs, Learning with Lyrics, Skillastics "Moving To The Music," The Award Reading Anthology and ShillerMath Songs. Several of his tunes were also included in the McGraw-Hill Math series for primary grades.

Teaching Experience

Ron has taught primary and intermediate grades for more than twenty-five years. He is currently an educational consultant and teacher trainer providing professional development workshops across the nation.

Musical History

Ron began playing and writing songs at the age of nine. He performed professionally for many years playing everything from 30's Swing to Rock n' Roll. In addition, he wrote and produced radio commercials and advertisements.

In 1986, Ron began applying his musical talents in his classroom, integrating original concept-based and thematic music across the curriculum. The phenomenal enthusiasm and educational growth of his students resulted in the development of hundreds of songs for teaching units and basic concepts. Through Intelli-Tunes, Ron has introduced children to a multitude of musical styles.

Nancy Brown, Educational Consultant/Teacher

Nancy Brown taught primary and intermediate grades for thirty-two years. She is currently a featured speaker, educational consultant, and teacher trainer. Nancy creates educational activities, games and projects that accompany Intelli-Tunes. Nancy and Ron currently currently facillatate math and reading workshops across the U.S. and Canada. 

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