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Rock Your Math Class



Rock Your Math Class is a dynamic collection of powerful songs that teach primary mathematical concepts in a fun and brain compatible way. Skills and concepts include: basic numbers, ordinals, addition facts, even and odd numbers, patterns, money, fractions, tally marks and more. Each song can be used as a stand alone lesson or an enriching supplement to any lesson plan. Just push play and watch your students sing and learn with Rock Your Math Class!

  1. Number Party sample / lyrics
  2. What Comes After 10? sample / lyrics
  3. Teens!
  4. Doubles to 10 sample / lyrics
  5. Fabulous Facts (Facts to 10)
  6. Between the Tens sample / lyrics
  7. Ordinal Line sample / lyrics
  8. Even and Odd Numbers
  9. Pattern Game (AB Patterns)
  10. Pennies and Dimes in a Dollar sample / lyrics
  11. Counting Dimes
  12. One Half sample / lyrics
  13. One Fourth 1/4
  14. Tally Marks sample / lyrics
  15. 12 Inches in a Foot sample / lyrics

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