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Kinder World

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Get ready for Kinder World - a song collection jam-packed with fun and learning.  These 26 lively teaching tunes will keep young learners actively engaged and excited as they effortlessly acquire critical skills and concepts. It's a world of educational excitement with Kinder World.  Songs include: Alien Counting, Shapes, Days of the Week, 5 Short Vowels... 26 songs in all!  $7.50

  1. Circle of Friends sample / lyrics
  2. Animal Fun
  3. Bean Bag Polka
  4. Rowing Song
  5. Many Things I do
  6. Money 1, 5, 10
  7. Little Shape Train
  8. 7 Days in a Week
  9. 12 Months in a Year
  10. Handful of Fingers
  11. Counting 1-10
  12. Alien Counting 1-20 sample / lyrics
  13. Let's Count to 30
  14. Yahoo! It's the Alphabet sample / lyrics
  15. Alphabet Letters and Sounds
  16. Two Letter Words
  17. March and Spell
  18. Silly Rhymes (Short Vowels)
  19. 5 Short Vowels sample / lyrics
  20. Funny Rhymes (Long Vowels)
  21. Happy Day
  22. Good Friends
  23. My Buddy, My Pal
  24. Please and Thank You
  25. happy birthday boogie sample / lyrics
  26. I Had a Great Day sample / lyrics

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