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              April 2014  
                      Free Song Downloads!
              What would you do if you had big rabbit feet?
                  Spider or ... Attributes of spiders and Insects!
         ... Major bones of the body identified!
                      Inventions (Funk).zip  ... Inventions that changed the world!
             ... Inventors throughout history!
                  Intelli-Tunes' 2014 Catalog is Here!
                       Download Catalog: Intelli-Tunes-2014.pdf    
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Free Songs from Intelli-Tunes! 

            The story of two lines!             

           Acute, Obtuse, and Right Angles! 

                 Happy Day Song .zip  A Song about the Joys of Living!

           What does it take to have good friends?

                 You'   Best friends forever! 


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