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                                 February 2015
Rock Your Math Class
Ron and Nancy Brown
Join us for a truly useful day of math fun, games and strategies that will add sizzle to your CC lessons.
   Stockton, Santa Rosa, Bakersfield, Fresno!
                                                  1-3 Semester credits available from University of the Pacific!
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Free Song Downloads!
From the upcoming album Classroom Energizers!
The Valentine A Cute little tune to help celebrate the spirit of Valentine's Day!
Scissors.mp3 - Cutting up stuff has never been so fun and easy!
Intelli-Tunes' 2015 Catalog is Here!
                       Download Catalog: Intelli-Tunes-2015.pdf    
More Songs, Lyrics and Activities!    

Alligator Worksheet   Sample :            

Number Eating Alligator song (Real-Audio and lyrics) 

Number Eating Alligator song (.mp3 and lyrics) (1.4mb)


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