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Sometimes people make videos using our songs! Check it out!

Here is one video: Tricky Facts

July in Texas!

CAMT  Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching

We will be presenting two sessions on July 22nd and July 23rd. Yes, we will have some new songs, games, craftivities, and Texas size shenanigans. Please come by and say hello. We would love to see all you all! 

Warmest regards,

Ron and Nancy  Brown

It's April No Foolin!

Dear Friends,

We hope all is well with you and yours!  Ron and I know you are swamped with teaching and running your everyday life, so we thought we would share a resource that might make the teaching part a bit easier. And, it's FREE!  


We were in Kelley Dolling's  first grade classroom last week. You know, the daughter that was never going to be a teacher.  Anyway, Ron and I saw the most amazing educational resource. From singing, dancing, spelling, and calm down activities, this audio-visual program is simply terrific. You and your kids will love it! 


The easiest way for you to see the program in action is to visit Kelley Dolling's: 

                                          Teacher Idea

On the (March 23) post you will see a video of her first grade kids involved in several of the wonderful activities.
The program features brain breaks, dances, movements and breathing techniques that will make a huge difference to your classroom environment. You will also find a direct link to this FREE resource on the blog.

*Please know that we have no affiliation with this program.  We just wanted to pass this information on to our teaching friends. We promise that it will not be a waste of your valuable time. Oh, if only we had this in our day!



Math Games for the Common Core and All Standards K-5

June 17th    Chico, CA

June 19th    Redding, CA

June 30th    Reno, NV

This class may be offered in your area by other instructors.


2 day Rock Your Math Class K-5

July 7th and 8th         Wichita, KS

July 10th and 11th     Kansas City, KS  

Click here: 

Rock Your Math Class Information

CAMT  Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching

We will be presenting two sessions on July 22nd and July 23rd. Yes, we will have some new songs, games, craftivities, and Texas size shenanigans. Please come by and say hello. We would love to see all you all! 

Thanks for taking some time to read our blog.  Your valued time is much appreciated.

Warmest regards,

Ron and Nancy  Brown



The Fabulous Texas Trip!

What a great time we had in San Antonio, Houston, Richardson and Arlington!  Those Texas teachers are sure an energetic bunch!

Workshops on the Way!

The 2014 workshop season has begun and we are ready for another fantastic tour of cities throughout the U.S.

Our first adventure takes us to four cities in Texas (February 17-21, 2014): San Antonio, Houston, Richardson and Arlington.  "The Rock Your Math Class" workshop is sponsored by Kim Sutton's Creative Mathematics and focuses on songs, strategies, and great math games for K-5 classrooms.  

Our Special Guest

Last week we had the pleasure of an amazing visit from the "one and only" math guru, Kim Sutton!  She arrived at our home to finalize work on an additional Creative Mathematics' Random Number CD2 to accompany her best selling book Drills to Thrill.

The Cd features eight 4:00 min. tracks that randomly generate numbers at varying rates of speed.  The CD can be used effectively from grades K-6 and is a huge hit with teachers everywhere.  

We also spent time outlining our new class sponsored by Creative Mathematics called:  Rock Your Math Class (Grades K-5).  It will be presented in several cities around the country during the fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014.  It is a powerful presentation that will truly make a difference to your Common Core or TEKS teaching.  We hope to see you there...  And, we promise you will not be disappointed!  

For  more information about our workshops contact

                                            Our daughter Kelley (Teacher Idea Factory) joined the fun!                                     





Guacamole and Grandparents!

Guacamole!  Am I inundated with extra avacados? Am I making a wonderful guacamole dip?  Am I fixing a terrific Mexican dinner?  NOPE.  Sorry, none of the above.  It’s my brain I tell ya!  It feels like guacamole.  I have been sitting at the kitchen table for hours putting together just the "skeleton outline” for our upcoming Rock Your Math Class workshops for Kim Sutton’s Creative Mathematics.  My brain is a mess.  However, this class is going to be informative, fun, and interactive.  It's gonna be packed with easy to implement songs, games, and activities.  I can’t wait!  The upcoming datesare listed on our website if you are interested.  Anyway, I still have hours (okay, let's be honest . . . days) to go so I can only imagine what my poor brain will feel like when this manual is completed.  I know it will be well worth the time as we love doing these workshops and meeting with all of you great teachers out there. 



Creative = Messy :)

As for Ron, he is temporarily excused from this planning process as he has been sequestered in the recording studio working on a Grandparents Day song.  It’s a tear jerker for sure (at least it is for me).  Just in case you lost track, Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 8th.  Yikes!!  That is right around the corner.  What happened to August?Anyway, the song is finally completed. It is now on our Intelli-Tunes website, along with the lyrics, for just 99 cents.    

CLICK HERE  to take a little listen.
But as they say on tv, “That’s not all folks.” Along with the song is a terrific writing template about grandparents with 4 variations to fit your grade level needs.  Well my friends, here’s to a great week at school.  Just think, a 3 day weekend is right around the corner!

Hang in there,


Nancy Brown

CLICK HERE to snag these fun templates!
Select fit to screen for best printing :)












Good Morning Song and Freebie


Looking for a new way to start your day??  Well, we have just the song for you.  Perfect for grades Pre-K, K, and 1st, The Good Morning Song is sure to put a smile on everyone's face.  It's a great way to jump start your carpet time learning or transition between activities.  We have put this ditty on special for the month of August.  You can snag the MP3 and the lyrics for only .99¢ 

This song is from the Beginning Concepts l & ll CD which is great for the primary grades.  From days of the week, months of the year, seasons, short vowels, colors, shapes, counting, the alphabet, and much much more, you can't go wrong with these kid-friendly tunes.  CLICK HERE to take a little listen to the Good Morning song.

But, that's not all today.  We just can't let you leave here without a little something to take with you. Nancy and I have created a freebie for you to roll with as well.  This Good Morning write has been left open-ended so that you can easily adapt it to fit your needs.  Also, multiple templates have been included.  One is pictorial, one is guided, and the other is just lined.  This will help you better meet the needs of your new crew.


August 2013

Howdy Everyone!

As my sweet Auntie Mackie used to say, "My, My My!"  

It's "crunch time" at the old campus.  We hope you are making the transition from summertime fun to the land of unguided missles!  

Whether you are teaching Common Core, TEKS or any other standards-based outcomes, songs and movement can be the bridge to lasting learning. Check out the freebie button on our website homepage to help you get back in the "swing"   (pun intended) of things.  Click the link below to nab a download of our 33 Ron Brown CDs. 

Wishing you a terrific school year,

Ron and Nancy Brown



Happy April!

Spring is here and the school year is rapidly winding down!