Intelli-Tunes introduces some learning resources from valuable sources on the Internet.

shillermath1.pngShillerMath is fast becoming the most trusted name in home-based math education and is a proven way for pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade kids to learn math. Developed by an MIT Mathematics graduate and devoted parent, ShillerMath is approachable and discovery-based, and includes the activities, sensory components, and guidebooks that improve the math skills and self-confidence of kids aged 4-7.

Homeroom Teacher Supplies - Find lesson plans, art supplies, computers, teaching resources, community forum, teacher materials, phonics, history, health, science, language and math books here on

Donna's Rainbow of Toys - Explore... Discover... Teach... our children with quality educational games from Donna's Rainbow of Toys. Twenty years of experience in providing teachers, school administrators, day-care providers, and parents with quality educational materials appropriate for Early Childhood Classrooms, K-G3 and the home. Many games have received various awards such as the Teacher's Choice Award, Dr. Toy Winner Award, and the Parent's Choice Award!

Great Teaching Ideas Exchange - Do you have a great idea using songs, mnemonics, rhyme or rhythm that you would like to share with other educators?

If you have a "tried and true" strategy or activity that really works, we would love to hear about it! You can post your idea on the website for other teachers to view. If you're Great Idea includes a helpful website be sure to include that in your posting.

Software Applications for playing music on your PC or Mac

iTunes (Mac & PC) - iTunes is a great music program for storing, organizing you music as well as any movies, TV shows, audiobooks, podcasts, QuickTime movies and games. The program also easily synchronizes with your iPod and has built in software to make backup copies of your cds and mp3 songs. It's also FREE from Apple. For more informaiton on iTunes visit

RealPlayer (Mac & PC) - RealPlayer's free version gives you the ability to play music, movies and Apple Quicktime files. If you require more advanced options you can purchase the full version for a fee.

Windows Media Player (PC) - Download the version of WMP for your Operating Systems Version. Microsoft discontinued its Macintosh support for Windows Media Player. The last version for Mac OS was 9. If you still need support for Windows Media files on your Mac you can visit Flip4Mac. They have some great digital tools that give you the ability to move Windows Media files into your iTunes & iPod.

WINAMP Basic (PC) - The basic version is free, but you can upgrade to the professional version for a fee.

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