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Wacky Workout


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Looking for a fun way to beat the PE heat or outsmart those rainy day recesses?   Maybe you just need a little something to help get those wiggles out.  The Wacky Workout is your answer!  Designed to get kids up moving with rhythmic activities and fun exercises that utilize all the major muscle groups. 

  1. Shoulder Roll sample
  2. Climb the Beanstalk sample
  3. Rabbit Hops
  4. Alien Helicopter
  5. Beach Walk
  6. Frog Jumps
  7. The Twist sample
  8. Eagle Wings
  9. Tip Toes
  10. Monster Walk
  11. Swim Time
  12. Jog in Place sample
  13. Train Ride sample
  14. Duck Walk
  15. Robots
  16. Conga Line
  17. Imaginary Jump Rope sample
  18. Snow Angels
  19. Batter Up sample
  20. Spooky Walk

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