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"The Learning Ride CD" Grades K-1


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Climb aboard The Learning Ride and enrich your curriculum with twenty-four terrific teaching tunes for grades K-1! This compilation of songs is written specifically to help young children learn and understand important skills, concepts and standards. Learning themes include: skip counting, time, money, positions, vowel sounds, word families, listening skills, movement activities and much more!

  1. Positions
  2. The Counting Creatures (# to 50)
  3. Counting by 5's (to 50)
  4. Counting By 2 to 20
  5. Adding 1 More
  6. Count Your Money sample / lyrics
  7. Times of the Day
  8. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
  9. Clock Rock sample / lyrics
  10. Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle
  11. Sphere sample / lyrics
  12. Cone
  13. Cone
  14. Cylinder
  15. Alien Alphabet sample / lyrics
  16. Rhyming Words
  17. Rhyming Words (Instrumental)
  18. Read With Me-Sight Words
  19. Read With Me-Sight Words (Instrumental)
  20. Can You Say the Short Vowels?
  21. Wiggle My Body
  22. I'm a Good Listener
  23. Line Up!
  24. Put a Song In Your Heart

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