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It's easy to learn these 114 sight words when you sing along with this amazing collection of catchy kid-friendly tunes. Use the instrumental versions of the songs to add new vocabulary words that fit your specific teaching needs. Watch and listen as young readers sing their way to literacy.  (CD Only) $5.00!

  1. Two Letter Words sample / lyrics
  2. Two Letter Words (Instrumental)
  3. Opposites sample / lyrics
  4. Opposites (Instrumental)
  5. Nifty Nine
  6. Nifty Nine (Instrumental)
  7. Rhyming Words
  8. Rhyming Words (Instrumental)
  9. Spell and Read
  10. Spell and Read (Instrumental)
  11. They Start the Same
  12. They Start the Same (Instrumental)
  13. Sight Words sample / lyrics
  14. Sight Words (Instrumental)
  15. Spell the Tough Ones
  16. Spell the Tough Ones (Instrumental)
  17. Trouble Words
  18. Trouble Words (Instrumental)
  19. Big Words sample / lyrics
  20. BIG WORDS (Instrumental)

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