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Beginning Reading Skills


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Learning about the alphabet, phonemic awareness, rhyming, segmenting and blending is easy with Intelli-Tunes!

Songs Include: ABC Hoe Down, Vowels and Consonants, Crazy Day, Rhyming Words, Ten Tough Words, Let's Do Some Rhyming, The Pirate Sound (ar), Silent e, Segmenting Words, Read and Rhyme, Rhyming Rap, Word Families, How Many Parts?, Blending Words  (CD or Download) $7.50!

  1. ABC Hoe Down
  2. Vowels and Consonants
  3. Crazy Day
  4. Rhyming Words
  5. Ten Tough Words
  6. Let's Do Some Rhyming
  7. (AR) Pirate Sound sample / lyrics
  8. Silent e sample / lyrics
  9. Segmenting Words
  10. Read and Rhyme sample / lyrics
  11. Rhyming Rap
  12. Word Families
  13. How Many Parts?
  14. Blending Words

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