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Mighty Math Songs


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Get ready to add musical muscle to your lessons with the power of Mighty Math Songs! This toe-tapping collection of fun and energizing tunes from Intelli-Tunes will always have your children singing, listening and learning! Mighty Math Songs features sixteen excellent skill and concept based songs that include: place value, angles, positive/negative numbers, fractions, circle properties, lines, probability, rounding,

  1. Place Value to Millions sample / lyrics
  2. Angles sample / lyrics
  3. Positive and Negative Numbers sample / lyrics
  4. Counting by 25
  5. Counting Quarters
  6. In Between
  7. Improper Fractions
  8. Circles (Circumference, Diameter, Radius)
  9. Mathematical Lines (Lines, Segments, Rays) sample / lyrics
  10. Equivalent Fractions
  11. Ones, Tens, Hundreds
  12. Rounding Numbers
  13. Place Value to 1000
  14. Number Game (Decomposing Numbers)
  15. Probability
  16. Shape Box sample / lyrics

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