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Math Concepts I & II


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IntelliTunes presents a double album with 22 original songs for teaching number concepts and mathematical skills  to grades K-5

Song List: Do You Like to Count?, 10's Lift Off!, Let's Count by Fives, We're Counting by Two, Count by Threes, Even or Odd, Let's Make Fractions, Shape Train, Piggy Bank, Big Numbers!, Add ‘Em Up!, Tick Tock, Place Value Rap, Quadrilaterals, Zero's a Hero, Fraction Action, Long Division, Place Value, Measuring, Geometric Shapes, Doubles, Patterns

  1. Do You Like to Count?
  2. 10's Lift Off sample / lyrics
  3. Let's Count by Fives
  4. We're Counting By Two sample / lyrics
  5. Count by Threes
  6. Even or Odd
  7. Let's Make Fractions
  8. Shape Train* sample / lyrics
  9. Piggy Bank
  10. Tick Tock
  11. Place Value Rap sample / lyrics
  12. Quadrilaterals
  13. Zero's a Hero
  14. Fraction Action
  15. Long Division sample / lyrics
  16. Place Value
  17. Measuring sample / lyrics
  18. Geometric Shapes
  19. Big Numbers
  20. Doubles
  21. Add Em' Up!
  22. Patterns

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