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Math Beats (2-5)


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MATH BEATS is the fun and easy way to learn skills, concepts and standards. Each kid-friendly tune is written specifically to help K-3 youngsters understand and use key mathematical information. Themes such as polygons, expanded notation, metric and standard measurement, tallying, triangles, geometric shapes, number facts, and telling time to the quarter hour are all just a part of the musical fun!

  1. Tricky Facts sample / lyrics
  2. Shapes
  3. Doubles + 1 (1-5)
  4. Let's Tally Man!
  5. Polygons
  6. Inches, Feet or Yards?
  7. Meter Stick
  8. Doubles and Neighbors
  9. Expanded Notation
  10. Measuring Time
  11. Symmetry
  12. Quarters of an Hour sample / lyrics
  13. Triangles
  14. Digital Root

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