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K-1 Math Songs


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Get ready for Ron Brown's dynamic K-1 MATH SONGS! This terrific CD is packed with eighteen powerful tunes that teach critical math skills and standards. Each song can be used as a stand alone lesson or an enrichment teaching tool. Song themes include: skip counting, adding one more, shapes, attributes, adding doubles and number spelling! Help your students process and understand important math concepts by using the incredible memory making power of music. $7.50

  1. 100th Day of School
  2. What Number Comes First? (Writing Teens to Nineties)
  3. Coins (Penny, Nickel, Dime) sample / lyrics
  4. What Comes Next? (19-49)
  5. What Comes Next? (19-99)
  6. Triangle
  7. Square
  8. Rectangles
  9. Taller/Shorter Longer/Shorter
  10. Sorting (Color, Size. Shape)
  11. Greater Than, Less Than
  12. Doubles to Twenty (K-2) sample / lyrics
  13. Counting by 5's to 50
  14. Counting by 2's to 20
  15. Add One More
  16. Five Fish (Subtraction)
  17. Spelling Numbers 1 to 5
  18. Dance and Count to 20

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