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"Early Years CD" (Pre K- K Concepts)


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These lively little tunes are written specifically for the very young learner. Phonemic awareness, math concepts, following directions, community helpers, self-esteem and lots of giggles are all just a part of EARLY YEARS. Come join the fun with this most delightful way to listen, learn and grow.

Songs included: When I Grow Up, Money, Look What My Body Can Do, I Can!, 7 Days of the Week, Echo Game, Show Me (Numbers to 10), Itchy Twitchy, Country Symphony, Sing, Sing the Alphabet, Circles, 911, We're the Police, The Firefighters, Five Bugs, Good Manners, Ordinals, Feeling Good, Feeling Great

Printable lyrics are included with this album.

  1. When I Grow Up
  2. Money, Money sample / lyrics
  3. Look What My Body Can Do
  4. I Can!
  5. 7 Days of the Week
  6. Echo Game
  7. Show Me sample / lyrics
  8. Itchy Twitchy
  9. Country Symphony
  10. Sing, Sing the Alphabet
  11. Circles
  12. 911
  13. We're the Police
  14. The Firefighters
  15. Five Bugs
  16. Good Manners
  17. Ordinals
  18. Feeling Good, Feeling Great

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