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Transportation Songs: Tractors, Trains, Cars & Planes


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Ladies and gentlemen start your engines! This toe-tapping collection of one-of-a-kind transportation songs will keep your youngster's imagination buzzing!  From trucks and tractors to hot air balloons and rockets, this lively album will always have kids singing, clapping, and dancing. Climb aboard for a rollicking great time! $7.50

  1. Tricycle sample / lyrics
  2. My Bicycle
  3. Bike Ride
  4. Sail Away
  5. Good Old Tractor sample / lyrics
  6. Big Dump Truck
  7. 18 Wheeler
  8. Freight Train
  9. Trains Go By
  10. My Motorcycle
  11. Sports Car
  12. Mama Too Us For A Ride
  13. Hot Air Balloon
  14. My Airplane
  15. Rocket Ride

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