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Ready! Set! Math!


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Start your little ones off right with 21 toe-tappin' math songs for Pre-K  and Kindergarten.  Each memorable tune is written specifically to help young children grasp essential mathematical skills and concepts .  Topics include: counting sequences, shapes, days of the week, addition, subtraction, months of the year, time and money.  Ready! Set! Math! is a must have for any early childhood classroom or home school music collection.

(Ages PreK-K)


  1. Count to Five
  2. Jump for Numbers sample / lyrics
  3. How Much is the Number Two?
  4. 1 - 2 How Are You?
  5. Counting to 10
  6. Show Me 10
  7. Jump for Numbers (0-10)
  8. Days of the Week sample / lyrics
  9. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!
  10. Morning. Afternoon, Evening
  11. Months of the Year
  12. Circle
  13. Triangle
  14. Square March
  15. Three Baby Birds
  16. Three Little Monkeys sample / lyrics
  17. I Spy Attributes
  18. Animal Groups
  19. My Abacus
  20. Tick Tock
  21. Money! Money!

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