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Letter sound practice just received a fun facelift with Intelli-Tunes' Alphabet Moves. This novel idea rolls letter sounds, movement, and listening skills into complete learning package. Inside you will find 26 professionally recorded MP3s that help kids practice letter sound recognition in a whole new way. Alphabet Moves provides one short tune for each letter of the alphabet. Students listen for the words that contain the correct letter sound and complete the corresponding movement. As each tune begins, the movements are given orally to the students. Once the voice finishes and the music starts, kids turn on their listening ears and get to moving. These songs are ideal for TK, PRe-K, Kinder and the beginning of 1st grade!

  1. Applaud for A sample / lyrics
  2. Bite for B
  3. Crawl for C
  4. Dance for D
  5. Exercise for E
  6. Flip for F sample / lyrics
  7. Grin for G
  8. Hop for H
  9. Itch for I
  10. Jump for J
  11. Kiss for K
  12. Lick for L sample / lyrics
  13. March for M sample / lyrics
  14. Wiggle Your Nose for N
  15. Make an O for O
  16. Point for P
  17. Quiet for Q
  18. Run for R
  19. Sleep for S sample / lyrics
  20. Tiptoe for T
  21. Thumbs Up for U
  22. Make a V for V
  23. Walk for W
  24. Make the Sound for X
  25. Yay for Y
  26. Zip Your Lip for Z

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