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Divisibility Rules (2-12)


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Looking for an easy way to determine if a given number is divisible by another?  Want a fun way to determine factors? 

Tired of the same old teaching routines? We have the perfect musical solution!  This student friendly collection presents

the divisibility rules 2 through 12 with memorable songs that truly make the rules stick. Help your students quickly and

easily determine divisibility possibilities with this excellent educational collection. 

Divisibility Rules 2 through 12 does it all!

  1. Digital Root
  2. Divisibility Rule 2 sample / lyrics
  3. Divisibility Rule for 3
  4. Divisibility Rule 2-12 sample / lyrics
  5. Divisibility Rule for 5
  6. Divisibility Rule for 6
  7. Divisibility Rule for 7
  8. Divisibility Rule for 8
  9. Divisibility Rule for 9
  10. Divisibility Rule 10 sample / lyrics
  11. Divisibility Rule for 11
  12. Divisibility Rule 12 sample / lyrics

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