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Big Kid Math


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Big Kid Math is a dynamic song collection for grades 3-6 that teaches intermediate mathematical skills and concepts.  Each track is designed to work as a stand alone lesson, or a teaching supplement, that musically enhances concept acquisition and understanding. Twenty different tunes cover math themes that include: prime numbers, fractions, decimals, rounding, arrays, graphs, algebraic operations and so much more!  This terrific collection of hip hop, rock, rap, country and calypso tunes will help you use the power of music to teach essential math skills.

  1. Bump It Up or Bump It Down--Rounding sample / lyrics
  2. Long Division
  3. Place Value with Decimals
  4. Lines, Rays, Line Segments
  5. Parallel Lines
  6. Perpendicular Lines
  7. Powers of a Number
  8. Three Kinds of Fractions
  9. Equivalent Fractions
  10. Improper to Mixed Fractions
  11. Mixed to Improper Fractions sample / lyrics
  12. P-E-M-D-A-S sample / lyrics
  13. Area of a Triangle
  14. Graphs
  15. Prime Numbers
  16. Arrays
  17. Mean! Mode! Median!
  18. Percent sample / lyrics
  19. Number Line Numbers
  20. Estimate

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