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Practice Makes Perfect Math Songs


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The Swiss Army Knife of math songs for the classroom!  Practice Makes Perfect Math is an invaluable tool for teaching and learning essential mathematics skills.  Skills and concepts included: skip counting, fractions, greater than/less than, place value, rounding, tally marks and much more!   16 great songs that will have your class listening singing and learning.  (Grades: K-3)

All of the songs in this compilation have been featured by Kim Sutton at Creative Mathematics workshops!  

  1. 10's Lift Off!
  2. Alien counting 1-20
  3. Alien Tens
  4. Count by 2 to 20
  5. Counting by 100
  6. Counting Creatures (1-50)
  7. Greater Than/Less Than Alligator
  8. Let's Count By Fives
  9. Let's Do those Doubles (Sample) lyrics
  10. Let's Tally Man!
  11. Partners for Ten
  12. Place Value Rap (Sample) lyrics
  13. Place Value to 1000
  14. Show Me 10

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