The Pirate Sound (ar)

There once was a pirate long ago
Who loved the ar sound you know.
When he saw a word with an a and r
You could hear him calling near and far.

car jar      ar! ar! ar!

tar star     ar! ar! ar!

par bar    ar! ar! ar!

arm harm charm

That pirate sailed the ocean blue
In search of gold and silver too.
But, the greatest treasure that there could be
Was an ar word that he could read!

far scar      ar! ar! ar!

Mars cars  ar! ar! ar!

start cart    ar! ar! ar!

hard card lard

ar! ar!
ar! ar!
ar! ar!
An ar word says ar!

From the Intelli-Tunes’ CD: Beginning Reading Skills
© 2008 by Ron Brown, Intelli-Tunes