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"Animal Alphabet Song Teaching Kit"


Price: $20

Tracks Listing

  1. Abby the Ape
  2. Betty the Bear
  3. Cory the Cat
  4. Diane the Dog (sound of letter d) sample / lyrics
  5. Ethan the Elephant
  6. Frankie the Frog
  7. Gary the Goat
  8. Harry the Horse
  9. Ila Iguana
  10. Jerry the Jellyfish
  11. Kelley the Kangaroo
  12. Larry the Lion
  13. Max the Moose
  14. Nick the Newt
  15. Opal the Octopus
  16. Pinky the Pig
  17. Quigley the Quail
  18. Ronny the Rabbit
  19. Sally the Snake
  20. Tina the Tiger
  21. Uma the Unicorn
  22. Vicky Vulture
  23. Wanda the Walrus
  24. X the X-Ray Man
  25. Yodel the Yak
  26. Zippy the Zebra
  27. Rockin' Alphabet
  28. Vowels and Consonants
  29. Vowels! Vowels! Vowels!
  30. The Vowel Code
  31. Short Vowels
Animal Alphabet Song Teaching Kit

Kid-friendly tunes to teach the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Includes CD with 26 individual alphabet songs, book, blackline masters, flashcards, plus five bonus songs.

Additional songs include: Vowels! Vowels! Vowels!, Rockin’ Alphabet, Vowels & Consonants, The Vowel Code, and Short Vowels.

Additional Animal Alphabet Books ~ $5.00 each.

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